Fat Performance Network

The Fat Performance Network is a way for people interested in making, thinking and talking about fat performance to combine forces. It was formed out of the Fat Performance DIY workshops led by Gillie Kleiman as part of LADA's 2020 DIY programme. Meeting dates and links are circulated in the Discord server.

Get Involved

The best way to get involved with the Fat Performance Network is by joining our Discord server. Discord hosts our ongoing discussions, and is a place to share links, resources, and community. We meet via video call as often as we can, however the group is led by volunteers with limited capacity.


The Fat Performance DIY Workbook [PDF] is a zine which outlines performance tasks and questions about fatness. It was created by Jael Caiero, Magdalena Hutter, Gillie Kleiman, Rachel Stockdale and Roz Whitely.

Host a Meeting or Workshop

We invite proposals from those who wish to host a meeting or workshop for the Fat Performance Network. If you have something you would like to present to the group, such as a performance or a text, please get in touch on Discord or email info@fatperformancenetwork.com.